We are the creators of this project. The idea behind this project is to create an ecosystem that can live on forever in the blockchain. We want the community to take control of how much this project will grow!
As the founders, we donated $3,000 usd to the liquidity pool.
We also locked the liquidity pool for 976 years. That way we can't rug pull the project.

We also donated 35 Trillion Telo into the Binance Burn Wallet. Where we can hope other investors will also burn more tokens and increase the value of Telo. In exchange for NFT's in the Doge Ecosystem that they can sell at any time.

The project has been created and everything is set up for success. Now we are stepping aside to let the project grow with the community.

This is a farewell from the founders and see you in the social media channels is you want to chat!