Telo Meme


Telo Token available on bnb

10,000 NFT’s created in the Doge ecosystem. Telo Meme Coin has been launched and Telo NFT’s have been created and airdropped!



Telo is an interdimensional bull

available on the Binance Smart Chain. It has a supply

of 808,808,808,808,808

created by a numerology mystic, this

number means massive wealth for all.

Telo Moon Math:

Supply: 808,808,808,808,808 buy/sell

8% of NFT supply were airdropped to Telo Meme Coin holders

The liquidity pool has been locked for 976 years.

The contract is renounced.

NFT collection coming soon, 800 NFT’s will be airdropped to the first buyers


Liquidity Donation Program dropped and running


Telo is a Meme coin that was created with the intention of making a meme coin that will last forever. The team took all the measures possible to ensure that the community benefits from this project. The contract was renounced, the liquidity pool was locked for 976 years. 35 Trillion Telo have been donated to the burn wallet and we begin the Telo Token burning Program to make the value of Telo go up. Telo NFT’s are in the Doge Market up for sale. The growth of this project depends on the community!