Liquidity Investor Program

We have decided as a final farewell to donate 35 Trillion Telo and begin the Liquidity growth and Token burn Program.


This is how it works:


Step 1:

Send your Telo Tokends to Burn and send them to this address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD

This address is a burn addresss in the BSC. It is not owned by anyone and all the tokens sent there will stay there forever. This ensures that those tokens will never be sold and keep the value of the token high.


Step 2:

Send you TX from your Telo tokens burned and you will receive as a compensation Telo NFT’s in the Doge Ecosystem that you can sell!


After you send us the TX through a private message on one of our social medias, we will send you your free NFT’s. The NFT’s we send you will have the same value as the NFT’s that are in the marketplace right now. So you will receive the same amount of NFT’s as if you were to buy them, but the Telo Token’s will be burned, which increases the Value of Telo Token and decreases supply.